3 Things Makes Your 2017 Admission Unstoppable

Actually you can make it impossible for universities not to consider you for admission. Of course, they have lots of admission requirements and obviously the bunch of students met those standards.

Invariably, this account for the reason why aspirants with fairly good grades and average score in JAMB may not smell the aroma of admission not to talk of eating from the admission cake. To a large extent, university admission is crucified by many onlookers as being biased or favored corrupt practices, albeit no proof.

These assumptions may be true in some quarters. Yet, it’s often not the case everywhere. For instance, University of Ilorin yearly receive over 100,000 applicants seeking admission for her 113 departments that could only comfortably accommodate 5% of the aspirants.

In most cases, the school will go ahead to admit about 11% of the total applicants in other to increase students chances of gaining admission, although a handful of those student return home after the first year. This points to the fact that the chunk of your friends who are already offered admission are no where better off.

So what is stopping you?

Sincerely, it’s not working harder and cramming all the pages of the Biology textbook. It bores down to proper understanding of the admission scheme in Nigeria.

Over the last five years, higher institutions in Nigeria have witnessed a great surge in the number of admission seekers. The effect become compounded by the fact that most aspirants have their eyes on university admission rather than the other forms of higher education.

Hence, a crowded gateway has been created and the gatekeepers are all tightening up the gate with strange metrics and random picking of candidates from the ton of successful ones. The Zipf’s law of champions dominates seems to hold here.

Unilorin is generally the most sought accounting for the tougher scheme adopted by the university body. The sorry news is: the quick calendar and academic stability boosted by the institution makes her an hot cake. Hence, the bulk of the aspirants are finding it irresistible not to applying for the university.

This is a pointer to the reason why most aspirants are only begging the issue and not positioning themselves as unstoppable admission seekers.

Can you truly be unstoppable?

There are primarily three important factors you must put in mind to remain unstoppable in the admission game. Like in any other business of life, those who wins are those who strategies and not be at the mercy of the others.

To stay ahead of others in the admission battle is to equip yourself with the right materials and knowledge. If you are to be the admission winners in 2017, put these three formulas in place:

#1. Unstoppable Admission Seekers Have Great O’ Level Results

For me, simply have a bunch of Cs is not always enough. If you can have it in one sitting you are probably close to winning.

Make sure you have nothing less than C in all the required subjects your desired course. requires If you are yet to sit for your O’ Level strive to make better grades than Cs.

A great O’ Level result often rendered any institution powerless when it comes to recommending aspirants for admission. They just don’t have a choice.

If your result is yet to complete, work with a great educational advancement center to sit for a GCE either in WAEC, NECO or NABTEB as the case demands.

A good thing to do here is to take all subject serious. From my own angle, I see students with good grades in required courses and bad grades in the others as either acquired through scam means or they are typically not a serious student.

The admission officers scrutinizing your credentials may have the same opinion, don’t joke with your other papers. Make them. They all count.

#2. Unstoppable Admission Seekers Have Alternative Matriculation Exam

After having a winning O’ Level result, this stage is extremely important. You can not be like the chunk of other admission seekers and expects better outcome. We only have the best and the rest, avoid joining the latter group.

The truth is: the bulk of other aspirants competing with you will also write JAMB. What makes it special for any university to offer you her scarce slot?

You got to be different and show some sense of alacrity and readiness to win. If you think you perform the best by scoring 220 in JAMB, what about the thousands of others that scored 250 – 280 fighting for the same slot you want.

The one rule here is: you got to write the senior brothers of JAMB. Even if your admission is destined to come through JAMB, you’ve simply doubled your chances of getting admission.

While others who couldn’t gain admission through JAMB are siting at home waiting to try next year. You’ll probably be writing your 200 level second semester exams because all the current alternative to JAMB lands you to a better place, 200 level.

#3. Unstoppable Admission Seekers Minimize the Competition.

As earlier figured out, one of the common mistake that aspirants make is putting all their eggs in one basket. They all want UNILORIN and his highly sought partners which make admission tougher for all.

For you, having a winner mindset is applying for a crowded university only if your desired course is not offered anywhere else in the country.

Although, it’s good you consider factors like the distance away from home, fees and smooth running of the academic calender (if you don’t want to spend 3 years in 200 level only).

However, be ready to shun the hot cake for a delicious cake. The hot cake will quickly run out before you could reach there. Research other institutions similar to the one you initially wanted. If their program and proximity suit your budget, rather go for them. After all, it is not all of us that will study in the university of Ilorin or his crowded counterparts.

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