The Complete Guide To Gaining Admission in Nigeria

Every year millions of aspirants write the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination with the blazing hope of getting admission. This year alone, over 1.6 million candidates set t write the exam all over the country.

For the news, only 30% of JAMB candidates will finally have a foot into the tertiary educational system. The lot is not too harsh if the remaining 70% will be the next generation to tousle for a slot. Unfortunately, however, a whooping of over 500,000 secondary schools graduates joins them every year. This makes the competition even tougher year in year out.

So what is the solution? How will these admission seekers find a space in the tertiary institutions?

There has never been a straight answer to these questions. Different educational advancement centres will provide varying answers based on their expertise and income considerations. There has never been a value-free organisation like IJMB Reviewer to help sanitize and visualize the admission processes in details.

Definitely, in this article, I will take you by the hand and through the narrative show you how to run through admission processing in Nigeria in ways that ensure admission success to a very large extent.

This guide will therefore help you quit you try and error method and give you enlightenment on the proper way to addressing admission issues.

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