The New Wave of Getting University Admission

No doubt the traditional approach of writing jamb yearly leaves a huge lot of teeming aspiring population to the old of not making a spot for years.

By and large, over 1.7 million candidates apply for Nigerian universities who could only accommodate just above 500,000 students in even not so conducive environment, anyway!

But this post is about you who have a big impact to make in the world but require a degree in specificities and nitty-gritty of the formal education.

If you are serious with your why for gaining admission to the university it will be wise of you to quit all doodle and focus on realistic means to achieving your aims.

In effect, I writing to you to wise up and pick your brain together and go with the new wave of getting university admission. Get started with the right information (which are fortunate enough to be on this page reading).

First, have you heard of the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE). It is an alternative to JAMB that guaranty you a direct entry slot to 200 level of any university in Nigeria.

IJMB is not a scam game but the process is quite a rough journey. You have about 6 – months to study advance topics in four major subjects that aligns with your choice course of study.

You can see and read many adverts and billboards, banners and google ads promising you it is a smooth home drive. Don’t get carried away it is not always that easy.

IJMB like JAMB is more of a gamble. You either fail or pass.

The slight difference is durability and acceptance opportunities. With 6 points out of the 16 IJMB points you are likely to gain admission even if it is to a course you are not interested.

JAMB has higher competition and you have to write the exam year in year out. Once you must huge point in IJMB you don’t need to rewrite the exam the following year in case you don’t make the admission list the first year you apply.

Similar examination that gets you to 200 level includes JUPEB which have similar curriculum with IJMB but generally more expensive and acceptable in limited universities in Nigeria.

It is a program pioneered by the University of Ibadan which other universities including University of Ilorin later joined in. The program seems to have a promising future since universities like UNILORIN already own an active JUPEB school.

You should also know about NABTEB A’Level. It is also recognize in the cadre of the direct entry examinations that get you to 200 level in Nigeria universities. 

However, it is one of the least patronize since the rising believe is that it is common accepted in technical universities and not in the mass of others.

To make a decision among these millieu of options may overwhelm you and that is why IJMB REVIEWER is ready to be of great help.

Contact us via the following medium and get the right direction to go seeking admission tin Nigeria universities.

Phone: +2348119933754

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