7 Things To Consider Before Paying To An IJMB Center

IJMB Reviewer is a student empowered platform that seek to enlighten admission seekers in order not to fall victim of fraud and unnecessary mistakes in their effort to gain admission.

What we stand to protect is students’ interest and consequential gainful admission. We love to see the league of admission seekers who are our brothers and sisters become successful students like us.

We strive to raise leaders that will transform and reform the state of the nation’s education system and political atmosphere because we believe in our dire country future. In a simple motto, we put it as educating with vision.

Our love for the committee of admission seekers prompt us to write regular articles as a guide to successful admission. In such light, we recognize the rising interest of admission seekers in the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination as a reliable alternative to JAMB.

Hence, this article lists the seven most important qualities any aspirant should consider before paying to an IJMB center or personnel because the program is primarily run by private tutorial centers.

Below is the overview of the 7 important factors to consider:

  1. Accredited Centre or IJMB Agent?
  2. Location
  3. Level of Discipline
  4. Success Rate
  5. Teaching Environment
  6. Hostel Facilities
  7. Health Care System

Accredited Centre or An IJMB Agent?

First things first. You must understand who are dealing with. The guy at the other end of the call is very much important in this business.

First strive to know the stand of the person you are talking to on phone. Is he an online agent, a centre owner or a SCAM?

If you go ahead and ask him. You are must likely to receive an affirmative answer of “I own an IJMB centre in…” (which in most cases is a big fat lie).

For instance, the popular IJMB site (IJMBWAY.COM) is never the official website of IJMB nor his brother IJMBE.ORG. IJMB primarily don’t own an official website as the time of writing this article. Don’t get scammed.

However, I am not claiming the two site are scams. IJMBWAY is an online agent website that helps centres get IJMB students with an agreed commission on every student the site owner provides. Many of the IJMB website you found online today are of the same status.

However, some other websites are owned by our accredited private IJMB centres as an attempt to reach and educate students digitally.

Nevertheless, there are many scam websites online that does neither of the two purposes but merely rip aspirants off their money; leaving many to wonder who to ask about their huge payments. Thus, be careful before you pay for any acclaiming centre or IJMB agent site.

If you are not sure about the stand of a website or IJMB personnel, visit IJMBREVIEWER to validate the claims.

Centre Location

Sincerely, some wonderful online agents deliver to you as they promised. But again, you’ve have to be sure you are getting the right centre.

Inevitably, once you are dealing with an affirmed centre you have the limited choice of picking out of their centres around the country (if there is any). If they have only one, you know your fate.

Anyways, be sure you are not paying to a centre or even agent beyond your reach. If you are living in Lagos paying to a centre in Ilorin or Osun state is sure a fair deal than paying to a centre in Enugu or Kano.

But, be sure you have been shown glaring evidences of the centre location before you dip your hands to your father’s pocket or yours (as the case may be) to pay for the tuition fees.

Teaching Environment

Some centres will make you nausea on sight. The teaching environment is simply horrible. The chance of excellent academic performance is no far from zero.

Here is the gist. Scientifically proven, good learning environment spur good performance. Even if your centre claims to have the miracle wand to get you the 16 points straight, don’t fall for such scam if the picturesque says otherwise.

Demand for pictures of the centre where students are actively learning. Don’t fall for empty classrooms with clean chairs and tables. If you are doubting the evidences provided, simply head to IJMBREVIEWER to validate the centre infrastructures.

Level of Discipline

This is one of the hardest metric to measure, yet very important. In fact, it is much harder to measure when you are far from the centre in view.

How do you know the lecturers come to class? How do you know the centre always finishes her syllabus far before the examination? How do you know that the centre are not into molestation of students, especially females?

Although, the rating at IJMBREVIEWER can give you insights into the activities of the centre. The good side, it is an open rating system that allows both potentially aggrieved past students or delighted few to rate their experience at the centre.

However, a good way to go is understanding the synergy around the calling, the responsiveness and the kind of information available on the centre website.

A gist: less disciplined centres will rarely update their site regularly and talk more about your registering with them whenever they post something.

Success Rate

What actually differentiate the average from the remarkable, largely you will agree it’s success. Well, we may all be right.

Nevertheless, we should note that success is the end of a means. The means can be consistency & handwork.

The hardworking ready-to-impact knowledge centres will always have high success rate. After all, it’s all we all claimed admission success.

Before you handover your parents hard-earned currencies to the wrong guy make sure you verify the success rate marked for such centre here.

Hostel Facilities

To be frank, you need somewhere nice to keep your head safe every night especially when the centre you opt for is not in your parent’s city.

It’s then advisable for you to consider the hostel facilities the IJMB centre you are picking is ready to provide.

Never settle for a centre with the incapability to provide a wonderful housing experience. In most cases, centre that cannot secure you a comfortable hostel will finally fumble in other areas.

Health Care Facilities

An average IJMB student will use the least of 5 months in the IJMB program before exams. During this period, one should, of course, brilliantly prepare for any health issues.

If your centre fails to anticipate and provide for necessary mechanisms for health related matters, it’s a show of indiscipline which may breed other incompetency.

This guide, to me, serves two way purposes.

One, it is a checklist for IJMB centres to validate their competency. Two, it’s an insightful piece for any IJMB candidates that’s wondering who to pay to and which center to join to separate the shaft from the wheat.

If you therefore can’t risk the change of getting into the wrong hands, click the call button below to contact IJMBREVIEWER for a credible centre that best fit your situation and location.

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