Top Ten IJMB Centres in Ilorin

With limited doubts, Ilorin is by far the home of educational businesses. With massive number of new businesses day in day out especially in the undergraduate admission space.

With IJMB as the main focus of most of these centres, one is left with a pool of educational centers struggling for ones cash either to swindle or help secure the admission dreams. With his in mind, this article will give you ten of our well scrutinized ijmb centers in Ilorin that are worth the money they ask from you.

#1. Winners Advanced Success Academy

#2. AODAC College of Basics and Advanced Studies

#3. Lankotheory Educational Services Limited

#5. Great Eminent College.

#6. Galad College of Advanced Studies

#7. Brainfill Academy

#8. Frontline Academy


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