Top Things You Should Know About IJMB Registration

Registering for JAMB is tedious, I know. And that has made you conclude IJMB registration will be harder. Of course, greater value should require harder work. Well, you may be right or wrong. After reading through this article you will know your stand.

During the registration for the last JAMB, I went to the Unilorin Admission Office area where the banks are situated and there I discovered a misery. Thousands of students were roaming about in the hot sun attempting to register for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board exam.


I was forced to question a few of them about their experience registering and they all come up with miserable stories. The stress inherent in obtaining pin, the long endless queue, the slams they received from bank officials and lots more.

Well. That’s how registering for JAMB as always being year in year out. Despite the chance they more than 70% of aspirants will not failed, and only a tiny percent of those that passed will finally got admitted to study undesired courses.

Unlike the tedious processing involve in registering for JAMB, IJMB registration is well integrated and it’s primarily a function of your centre. From the obtaining of candidates bio-data to the choice of desired courses plus the right combination of subjects, it will all be carefully taken care of by your centre.

Although, this edge of IJMB promises to supply accurate data of students to the examination body. The chance for error is also visible which boils down to picking the right centre.

Of the 7 metrics recommend for consideration before paying to any IJMB centre, level of discipline is important. If the level of data organisation in the centre is hugely low, it may account for wrong data input to the IJMB body at Zaria which may give candidates issues in the long run.

How Error Becomes Possible?

The advantage that your registration is a duty to be completed by your centre, also comes with its venerability. At a glance, once can figure it that the students are not going to be presence at the final submission. Hence, any error lurking in the form will be submitted unverified.

So What Can You Do to Minimize the possible Error?

In other to ensure your “SHADDY JOHN” don’t become “JOHN SHADE” or you don’t become MALE while you are actually having two breasts follow the instructions below.

Register with the Best Institute

Of course, your failure and success in the whole IJMB program rest on the capability of your centre. If you enter the wrong hands from the first day, your chance of success is extremely scarce.

Make sure you research your centre through the resources at IJMB Reviewer. Go further to question the ex-students of the centre for what their experiences look like. Check the centre site and use your instinct to determine how diligent they are at educating students on their site. If they regularly give straight-to-the-fact insights like this, they are probably the right stuff for you.

Follow Instructions and Ask Questions

So that you’ll probably not be the architect of your own misfortune. Stay tuned and listen to instructions.

Wile you are given the form to fill in your details, go on and ask questions about what you don’t understand. No one will probably crucify you especially if you are with the right set of people.

Forms can be tricky sometimes. The intention of each column may sometimes not be explicitly implied. Be ready to query your directors where any field looks downright unreasonable to answer.

Be Sure of What You Are Giving Out

I once heard a friend claiming he’s not sure of his birthday. Why? He has been taught a different date by his mum from childhood. Then he grew up to discover his birth certificate says something else.

So be sure of whatever you are inputting, verify it before you conclude. Check the original document and access the data in it before jumping to conclude. Doing this will help you eliminate unnecessary stress it may pop up while doing your registration/verification in the university.

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